Zity by Mobilize, the Renault Group’s electric car sharing arrives in Milan

After landing in Madrid (2017), Paris (2020) and Lyon (March 2022), Zity by Mobilizethe electric car sharing of the Renault Group, is preparing to arrive also in city ​​of Miano. Starting in May, 450 Dacia Spring will be made available to users. Cars that will be added to the current fleet of the car sharing service which can count, in the cities where it is already present, on 1,425 cars. Zity by Mobilize debuts in a city where car sharing is used by more than 340,000 people.

Zity commissioned a recent study on shared modality in Milan which showed that 79% of respondents are concerned about the environment and that 92% feel they are in step with the latest technological developments, fashions and trends. Furthermore, Milan appears to be one of the cities in which the gender gap in car sharing is smaller (49% of users are women and 51% men) while, in other cities where Zity operates, the presence of women is lower. Users of car sharing services in Milan are on average between 36 and 45 years old and 62% of them use the car for their journeys every day.

The Dacia Spring used within this car sharing service will be equipped with devices to monitor driving in real time and report improper behavior. This program, called “Safety Pilot“, began in 2020, and has since led to a 36% reduction in the accident rate for the Madrid fleet.

Ahead of its debut, Zity by Mobilize has announced a promotion. To the first 5,000 users who register within the day before the launch of the service, 50 euros of credit will be offered. But how exactly does this car sharing service work?

Users will have to download the dedicated application from the App Store or Play Store, register, book the car and then unlock it in order to use it for travel. How much does it cost? The Italian tariffs have not yet been disclosed and will be disclosed on the day of the service launch along with other details such as coverage areas. However, for comparison, in Paris the cost to drive the cars is between 0.19 and 0.39 euros per minute.

Zity by Mobilize will allow 50 new jobs to be created in Miano. Javier MateosCEO of Zity, commented:

Zity invests not only in the mobility of the future, but in winning mobility, capable of reducing the environmental impact and aligned with the highest standards of European policies, as happens in Milan. Zity has selected Milan as the first Italian city in which to launch the service thanks to its potential and its attractiveness in terms of business, industry, tourism, ecosystem favorable to start-ups and much more.

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