Zero Motorcycles, the new SR 2022 electric motorcycle lands in Italy. New price list

The new SR 2022 electric motorcycle from Zero Motorcycles has officially landed in Italy. After the presentation in November 2021 and after having seen it at EICMA 2021, the time has come for this new model to debut in Italian dealerships. Those interested can request a test drive directly through the official website of this electric two-wheeler brand. On the occasion of the arrival on the Italian market of the new SR 2022, Zero Motorcycles also presented the new price list to the public of its entire range. Let’s go into the details and remember the main features of the new bike and all the prices.

The basis is that of the SR / F. So, we always talk about a naked. Aesthetically, compared to the SR / F, the new SR 2022 does not present particular differences. What really changes is at the level of the powertrain. Indeed, we find a ZF 75-10 engine tuned to deliver a torque of 166 Nm and a power of 55 kW. Thanks to new 14.4+ batterythe autonomy in the urban cycle is 251 km which drops to 124 km on the motorway at a speed of 113 km / h.

The interesting thing is that the bike has the new Cypher III + operating system which allows you to be able to unlock some features via software, obviously after purchasing them through the Cypher Store. By putting your hand in your wallet it will be possible to obtain, among other things, greater power and more autonomy (you can unlock greater battery capacity). Therefore, through these upgrades it will be possible to make the SR 2022 very similar to the SR / F.

As standard, the electric motorcycle is sold in Italy with a 3 kW charger. Among the accessories there is also the Rapid Charger which allows you to increase the charging power by 6 kW. Technical details, equipment and upgrades are available on the official Zero Motorcycles website. In Italy, this new model can be bought starting from 19,880 euros in Graphite color (price at which incentives are then deducted).

As we mentioned at the beginning, at the same time as the arrival of the new SR 2022 in Italy, the American brand decided to present the new price list 2022 for our market. The communicated price list does not include putting it on the road.

  • FXE: 14,410 euros
  • FXE 11 kW: € 14,410
  • FX ZF 7.2: 14,160 euros
  • S 11kW ZF: 14.4 17,470 euros
  • SR ZF 14.4+: 19,880 euros
  • SR / F ZF 15.6+ Premium: 24,280 euros
  • SR / S ZF 14.4+: 22,750 euros
  • SR / S ZF 15.6+ Premium: 25,080 euros
  • DS 11kW ZF 14.4: 17,470 euros
  • DSR ZF 14.4 Black Forest Edition: 18,950 euros

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