Xiaomi MIX Fold 2: the fold could please Galaxy Fold and Mate X fans

With the launch of the first generation of leaflets they were outlined two different philosophies that immediately divided the fans of the first hour. On the one hand we found the idea proposed by Samsung with its first Galaxy Fold, or that of a folding smartphone that opens like a book and which protects the display inside, thus making it necessary to use a second external display in order to interact with the smartphone when closed.

On the other hand there was instead the proposal that Huawei made with the first generation of Mate X, which brought to the market a folding smartphone that allowed the use of a single large display for all modes of use, since the panel folded inversely to the Fold and therefore always remained accessible even when closed. The latter option was certainly the most spectacular – as the smartphone body was actually wrapped by the display – but it also proved to be the most problematic and fragile one, which is why it quickly fell into disuse.


However, it seems that the orphans of the Mate X style will be able to find partial satisfaction in the next Xiaomi folding, according to the latest rumors about MIX Fold 2. The details emerge directly from the Weibo profile of the usual Digital Chat Stationwho reported one of the discoveries made within the Xiaomi software code, from which the curious string emerges reverseFoldedDeviceStates.

Reportedly, this should be a function that can check whether the smartphone display is folded in the traditional direction or the other way around, thus indicating that the device is able to assume both positions. It would therefore be the first reversible folding, something that we have not yet seen on the market and that could allow you to enjoy both solutions on a single device.


It remains to be seen how this option can actually be beneficial (as well as being able to use it to take selfies with the rear camera), since the problem with the resistence of the folding panels has certainly not been solved to the point of being able to use them as it did on the Mate X, so it is likely that the MIX Fold 2 should still close like its predecessorwhich necessarily requires a second external panel for one-handed use.

In addition to that, the presence of a reversible folding system it also requires the adoption of a very particular hinge that can handle both lines equally. We know that Xiaomi is working on a hinge capable of significantly reducing the creation of creases on the panel, but nothing more. As usual, since it is a rumor, we invite you to take the news with the right degree of skepticism, waiting for further confirmation that can give us some more clues in this regard.

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