Xiaomi closes 2021 with very strong growth, especially on the international market

Xiaomi closes an extremely positive 2021, in which a pandemic, logistical difficulties and a shortage of components have not prevented the Chinese company from reporting substantial growth in terms of both revenue (51.6 billion dollars, + 33.5% compared to 2020) and net profit (3.5 billion dollars, + 69.5%).

The driving sector is that of smartphonein which Xiaomi saw increase shipments by 30% on an annual basis until reaching a quota 190.3 million units, new company record. After all, the data relating to 2021 speak for themselves: the company led by Lei Jun is al third place on a global scale with a market share that according to Canalys is 14%, behind Apple (second) and Samsung (first).


Half of the revenue comes from abroad, a strong growth in 2021 (+ 33.7%). And this does not seem to concern only smartphones, but also the internet and IoT sectors. What is certain is that smartphones are the ones that prevail in the brand’s business, with Europe which is now one of the key markets for Xiaomi. The latest Counterpoint Research data places Xiaomi in third place in Q4 2021 with a market share of 15% behind the usual Apple and Samsung (second and first respectively). Last summer, the Chinese company was the leader of the European and Italian market for a certain period, with growth that in our country was 88% compared to 2020.

It is important to underline the trend of the brand in the smartphone segment whose price exceeds 300 euros: they are 24 million units shipped globally14 million more than in 2020. In percentage terms, this means a passage from 7% in 2020 to 13% in 2021. Even more important are the figures if we consider only the foreign market: smartphone shipments above 300 euros increased by 160% last year.

69.9 x 152.7 x 8.16 mm
6.28 inches – 2400×1080 px

69.9 x 152.7 x 8.16 mm
6.28 inches – 2400×1080 px

74.6 x 163.6 x 8.16 mm
6.73 inches – 3200×1440 px

Xiaomi mentions the 12 series – consisting of the basic models, Pro and X – which, despite being launched in China only at the end of December, affected the total number of smartphones shipped in the year (in the first 5 minutes of sale alone, the revenue for the company amounted to $ 282.7 million). The Redmi brand also reported significant shipments, offering the company the opportunity to differentiate the offer by positioning itself in the premium and mid- and medium-low-range smartphone segments at the same time.

A mention also for Xiaomi Pad 5, tablet announced in September last year that thanks to the excellent price-performance ratio did not struggle to conquer the public. The monthly active users of the interface MIUIon the other hand, they grew by 28.4% to reach 508.9 million112.5 million more than in 2020.


Connected devices are also on the rise in 2021 – smartphones, tablets and laptops are not counted in this case. The AIoT products on the net are 343 million, + 33.6% compared to the previous year. 8.8 million people own 5 or more Xiaomi AIoT devices, 40.4% more than in 2020. The monthly active users of the Mi Home app were 63.9 million, + 42%.


I’m 12.3 million Smart TVs shipped by Xiaomi in 2021. The company leads the Chinese market for the third consecutive year and ranks fifth globally.

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