Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft improves performance on iPhone and iPad

Last summer Xbox Cloud Gamingafter a long test phase, it has finally become accessible via browser even from devices iOS And iPadOSthus opening an important window on Microsoft’s Game Pass within the Apple ecosystem.

Xbox Cloud Gaming, in fact, does exactly what it promises in the name, that is, it allows you to play in streaming the titles included in the Game Pass subscription that support this possibility, and the only requirements to be met for a complete experience are the availability of a controller ( although there are games that support touch controls, and mouse and keyboard support is on the way) and a high-speed internet connection.

All nice, but there is still room to do better: the strength of Xbox Cloud Gaming, however, is the fact that it is only one of the elements included in the subscription to Game Pass Ultimate, which is already a package rich in content. And now Microsoft, through a post on Xbox Wire, announces that it has improved the performance of the service on iPhone and iPad:

At Xbox Cloud Gaming, we listen to and appreciate player feedback. You asked for a better iOS experience, and as a result, we’ve made major performance improvements to all supported iPhone and iPad devices. With these updates, you should have asmoother and more responsive experience.

The Redmond giant has introduced these changes for some time, but has decided to communicate them only now, after collecting user feedback behind the scenes. And he recorded precisely that, after making the improvements, the positive feedback has improved significantly, and that the players have also shown greater involvement, with gaming sessions in streaming on average 35% longer.

No technical details were provided, however, on the nature of the adjustments made. If you want to experience the performance of Xbox Cloud Gaming on your iPhone or iPad (with at least iOS 14.4 or later), the procedure is always the same: just open Safari and go to, and then log in with your account (provided you have an active Game Pass subscription).

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