Wyze Cam v1 reaches the finish line: stop support and security updates

“It makes us sad to say it, but all good things come to an end sooner or later”. It is the opening of the post on the official forum where Wyze announces to customers that the first version of his video camera security at very low cost it will no longer be sold or supported. It ends all the first of February then, after “five fantastic years”, they write. A nice and nice communication, although not among the happiest to give to those who counted that a security camera could have a more extensive support.

But for the just $ 20 asked at launch, the decision not to invest more resources to focus on the latest models is understandable. What is less so, and clashes with the appreciable tone used by Wyze to address customers, is the push not too implicit when buying a new model. Since the camera will no longer receive updates, not even security updates, better throw it away and buy a newer one – is the ill-concealed exhortation:

Wyze will no longer monitor and fix new product security vulnerabilities. The use of Wyze Cam v1 after February 1, 2022 – we read in the email sent to customers – involves a greater risk, it is not recommended by Wyze, and for this reason the customer assumes responsibility for it.

Wyze accidentally included a $ 3 discount coupon for the purchase of a new Wyze Cam. Currently the range consists of five models, the most recent of which (September 2021) is the Wyze Cam Pan v2 which records in color even in the dark and in the USA it costs not even 40 dollars. It hasn’t come to us yet, but it could do so later this year.

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