With PayPal it is now possible to pay fines, stamps and taxes in three installments

The introduction of the possibility of paying in installments with PayPal dates back to a handful of months ago, but now the Californian company has decided to take a further step forward by making a further contribution in the digitization process of the Public Administration (which in Italy is famously advancing to slow), after the recent arrival on the IO app: from today the service PayPal “Pay in 3 installments” is available on the pagoPA web platform, the national system for the payments of public services, after an initial run-in dedicated only to online purchases. The highly acclaimed “buy now, pay later” method now also embraces the public administration.

Users can then pay for PA services (fines, car tax, bills, taxes and much more) by paying the amount in installments in three installmentswithout interest and without incurring fines for delays.

To use the service to defer social security, taxes, car stamps and more, which we remind you to be available only in the Web version of PagoPA, just select PayPal as the payment method and set the payment by installments option.

This solution, as explained by the company, it only admits payments worth between 30 and 2,000 euros. A third of the amount to be paid will be deducted at the time of checkout, the remaining parts will be charged over the next two months.

It is good to reiterate that from May 6 the new conditions of use of PayPal will come into force which, among other points, provides for the charge of a sum of 10 euros to users who have been inactive for at least one year (the cost will be deducted from October 2022 to sellers and from October 2023 to personal accounts). Therefore, less active users who want to use the new service applied to the PA should “reactivate” the account as soon as possible.

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