Windows, big news for integration with Android smartphones

Microsoft announced big news for the Windows app that manages the integration with your smartphone, especially Android: to begin with we have a new (and much better) name, from “Your Phone” to “Phone Link“; a completely revised interface, more modern and easier to navigate; a new name also for the companion app to be installed on the smartphone, which passes from” Your Phone Companion “to” Link to Windows “; and an expansion of the compatibility of smartphone, but always remaining in the Android field.

As you can see in the animation below, the interface of Your Phone Phone Link is now organized into tabs; it is possible to switch from one to the other using the bar at the top, while on the left there is a navigation menu that contains all notifications received from the smartphone, so that they are always visible and easy to retrieve, and quick toggles.

More generally, we can say that the graphics now respect the style of Windows 11, with rounded corners, translucent background and coordinated icons. The interface reorganization will also be available on Windows 10, but some graphics updates will remain the prerogative of Windows 11, predictably. Another exclusive of the new OS will be the possibility to set the connection with the smartphone during the configuration of the first start by simply framing a QR code.

On the companion app side, it’s worth remembering that “Link to Windows” is a name you’ve already heard – that’s exactly what the app is called on the Surface Duo or Galaxy smartphones. As for compatibility, Microsoft continues to move with caution, and adds just a handful of Honor devicesor:

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