Windows 11: Microsoft is preparing a new, colorful Task Manager

With Windows 11 Microsoft has changed the aesthetic direction, abandoning the minimal, clear and squared lines of the previous versions to marry a lighter and softer style. But the news on the graphic front are not over, also because the intention is to finally make the appearance of Windows consistent at various levels and depths: a mission that is not easy, but precisely for this reason the margins for improvement are rather large.

And today, more than three months later, finally let’s review the new Task Manager in action: to show it to us is Microsoft itself in the course of the latest Windows Insider Webcast (find the video at the end of the article). As it is possible to appreciate from the two images below, which portray the Task Manager with both the light and the dark theme, the changes are many, and one of these concerns the possibility of intervene to customize the colors.

By selecting a color option for the system, in fact, the Task Manager interface will react accordingly, adapting itself instantly, and all this obviously preserving the different hierarchies of information graphically rendered by a more or less intense shade of color. It will therefore be possible to say goodbye to the default yellow of the current Task Manager, which is not in fact susceptible to change and does not care about user customizations.

A simple foresight, but which helps to round out the visual coherence offered by Windows 11: it is a pity, however, that some time will still have to pass to be able to see it on our screens. We don’t know exactly how much, but the indication coming from Redmond is clear: this change will not be present in the next build on the Insider channel, but will arrive in an unspecified future build. The launch on the stable channel, then, is still another matter, even more distant.

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