Whatsapp, with the latest beta version the new Unicode emojis 14 have arrived

The new Unicode 14 emojis, which have already made their debut on both Android 12L and iOS 15.4, are also coming to Whatsapp. In version beta of the popular messaging app that belongs to Meta are 37 new emojis have been integratednot many, which with various options become 112 of which 75 with different skin tones.

In addition to a series of new handshakes and hearts made with two hands or with two thumbs, there are several “smilies” with bite to the lips, with the face that melts, the hand at attention, eyes that hold the tears, eye peeking, hand over mouth and dashed face.

Also present are the nest emojis with and without eggs, x-ray, low battery, crutch, coral, slide and the pregnant man. Many of these emojis, as mentioned, offer different options for both gender and skin tone.

The arrival of emojis 14 on Whatsapp will make them available for many more users who will be able to view them in the messaging app even if they don’t have an updated smartphone to the latest versions of Android and iOS, a problem that affects Google’s operating system a little more, which is much more fragmented than Apple’s.

This version of Whatsapp is currently still in beta but the public release may now be imminent. For those wishing to anticipate, on APKMirror the APK has already been made available.

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