WhatsApp, reactions are coming and a new message deletion limit

It seems that on WhatsApp messages can be deleted for everyone within 2 days and 12 hours from their sending: the news has emerged from the latest version of the Beta app for Android devices,, thanks to WABetaInfo. The platform has been testing for a few months much more generous limits than the current one, which is 1 hour, 8 minutes and 16 seconds: in fact so far it was even 7 days and 8 hours.

It is unknown why WhatsApp decided to reduce it so much – perhaps it estimated that no one would delete such old messages and make the conversation too complicated, who knows. Or maybe it just stays trying various alternatives before making a final decision. For sure it can be said that the developers are not fans of “round figures”!

As often happens, the novelty is not in effect present in the Beta: the source managed to find it by rummaging through the meanders of the code. In short, for a “normal” beta tester, it doesn’t work. As always, it is impossible to determine if and when the new limit will be activated.

Recall that thanks to the Beta (and the source) in the last few days several interesting news have emerged in the pipeline: an unpleasant one – the probable farewell of unlimited backups on Google Drive for Android users; and a more encouraging one, namely that the Communities are getting closer and ready to debut. The executives of the platform have also released some promising statements about the arrival of a native app for iPad (and it is worth speculating for Android tablets too), now that multi-device technology has become a reality (although still in Beta phase).

In the last few hours, WABetaInfo has always discovered new clues about the arrival of the reactions to messages, to understand us in a similar way to what Telegram proposed at the end of last year. Six different Emojis can be applied, as you can see in the tweet below.

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