WhatsApp is running out of seconds: now it tells us how long it takes to upload a file

Whatsapp is always on the move, not a day goes by now that the developers of the Meta messaging platform do not propose some new function. Before the news arrives on the stable channel, we know, they must inevitably pass from the beta channelon which WABetaInfo focuses all its attention by anticipating precious details, even when these tools are still hidden within the code and therefore are not even available to testers.

What we are going to describe today, however, is a very visible novelty, at least for a part of those who have the beta iOS, Android or desktop installed on your device. Long story short, the function is about the ability to know how much time is left until the download is complete of a file on our smartphone or PC. Not only that: the countdown also appears in the opposite case, that is when the document is sent. In this case, the time indicated is the time left to complete the upload on the WhatsApp servers.

Warning: not all beta testers have access to the function (except for the desktop version), since apparently Meta has decided to make it available only to a (restricted?) Circle of users. In any case, the compatible versions are:


Thus, each time a file is sent, you will know the time remaining until the upload is complete, and if the file is not received, you will have an idea of ​​how long it is to the end of the download. Inside the message bubble appears the name of the file with the load percentage and time to go. A function, yes, useful, but maybe not so useful considering the current limits set at 100MB (which goes down to 16MB for photos). Here, maybe it can be used in the event that the function currently being tested in Argentina for sharing files up to 2GB. So yes that in this case know how much is missing it might be handy.

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