WhatsApp is preparing to welcome us to the Communities, and explains what they are

Communities are one of the biggest news coming soon on WhatsApp, along with reactions to messages. This new feature already has a rather long gestation behind it (the first traces in the code emerged last October), and with each updated version of the beta the probability of finding some progress is always higher.

And this is also the case with the version of the beta for Android, within which it is contained an element that suggests that the state of the works is now decidedly advanced, and the introduction of Communities could therefore be around the corner.

But what are we talking about, exactly? The screen in charge of introducing the news to the user, showing its icon and briefly indicating its characteristics and operation, makes its appearance.

The points highlighted are two: the possibility, through the creation of a Community, to be able manage your groups in a simpler and more organized way, now all gathered in the same space, and that of being able to radd with a message all the internal contacts to a Community in one go. In fact, the world of messaging services has evolved over time, outlining a space that is no longer exclusive for conversations between a few people, but more and more social and open: and WhatsApp finally seems to have decided to embrace this dimension more fully, providing new tools. to manage it. The last visible element is the “Get started“to actually start using the function.

Although this welcome massage suggests – together with the progress recorded in the latest builds – that the introduction of the function should be near by now, it must however be kept in mind that at the moment the Communities have not yet emerged “on the surface” not even in the beta, facing the first decisive step for actual integration. So before seeing them on the stable channel it may take some time.

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