WhatsApp is preparing for integration with Ray-Ban Stories

There version of WhatsApp beta hides some references to the integration with Ray-Ban Stories, the glasses born from the collaboration between Ray-Ban and Facebook. For those who do not remember, we reviewed them last September and on that occasion we found that they were a curious and interesting gadget, but definitely not very useful and not able to add smart features that could be worth the expense.

The integration between WhatsApp and the Stories could be one of those innovations able to give greater usefulness to this object, but how will it happen? To give us the first indications we think the APK teardown realized by XDA-Developersfrom which some lines of code dedicated to the new features emerged.

In particular, it is the possibility of using Facebook Assistant as a bridge between the app and the glasses, since the voice assistant (already integrated on Stories) can be exploited for dictate and send messages. The procedure could be started with a simple voice command which should look like “Hey Facebook, send a WhatsApp message to Anna“.

The images you see in this article are also from the teardown and both should come from the feature configuration process. The first – the one that opens this section – seems to indicate in a generic way the integration between the Stories and WhatsApp, while the second should confirm that all voice commands, including dictation of the message and its content, will enjoy end-to-end encryptionso Meta will not have access to any information.

Obviously there are no details regarding the activation of this new function, just as it is not clear if Meta will also support other voice assistants, but it is possible that the choice is to keep everything within its ecosystem.

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