WhatsApp Community, reactions and files up to 2GB: what a revolution!

Whatsapp it changes every day, between new features hidden in the code, proposed in Beta or released on the stable channel. But the fresh debut novelty is one destined to leave its mark on the social platform, bringing the user experience closer to alternatives available on the web, iOS and Android such as Telegram, for example. We are talking about the Communitywhich has been talked about for several months now and which are finally taking shape now, partially revolutionizing the platform itself.

Let’s start with the definition that WhatsApp itself gives of its Communities:

WhatsApp Community will allow people to aggregate separate groups into a larger group according to the structure that suits them best. They will be able to receive updates sent to the entire community and easily organize smaller, topic-specific discussion groups.

In other words, Community is nothing more than a group aggregator, such as the community of a school through which the head teacher can send communications to parents and pupils, dividing it in turn into (sub) groups by class, type of activity or other. As with individual and group chats, community messages are also protected with end-to-end encryption.

Community will be made available shortly.

Before the Communities, however, some important news will arrive: their early distribution with respect to the Community itself, says WhatsApp, has been designed “so that users can try them out even before Community is live“.

  • Reactions: to give your opinion without filling the chat with useless answers.

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