Want BlackBerry? It looks like a KEY2 but it’s not: the return of the physical keyboard

The one of BlackBerry it is an end that has left a bad taste in the mouth, because those who had remained loyal to the brand still believed in the possibility that the hardware solutions proposed by the Canadian company could have a future, maybe even with Android on board like TCL – which had bought the rights to the brand – had got us used to it.

For some, especially in the workplace, the QWERTY keyboard was liked, and liked in all its physicality that clashed with the alongside the touch screen. But we know, BlackBerry smartphones no longer exist, what remained are the legal aftermath of the operating system that promised so much at the beginning but which was also the cause of the collapse.

But nothing prevents the physical keyboard, the complete one, can be implemented on other devices. It is enough to know how to untangle the patents well and propose something concrete, and maybe an unexpected success arrives on the market. Many have tried, but until now physical QWERTY keyboard = BlackBerry, and the experiments remained so. To try it this time is UnihertzShanghai manufacturer that we know for its solutions curious of the past like Atom, the smallest 4G rugged smartphone in the world (96x45x18mm). On social media, he made it clear that something is coming.

And it wouldn’t even be the first Unihertz smartphone in a BlackBerry version (right, Titan Pocket?). In this case, however, the design appears much less rugged and just as definitely similar to that of KEY2. The video teaser does not help to understand much, because the image is deliberately dark, showing only a portion of the keyboard to the light. However, it is enough to manually lighten the fragment of the video published on YouTube to get the most precise ideas. And yes, the smartphone looks just like one sort of BlackBerry KEY2 clone. Whether it is good or bad depends above all on personal tastes and needs. We will then see if it will be a successful clone or less.

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