Volvo Trucks, more safety for electric trucks with Active Grip Control

Volvo Trucks is driving the development of its electric trucks. Today, the manufacturer already has one range of 6 battery-powered trucks, designed to meet the different needs of its customers. Thanks to the characteristics of electric powertrains, such as speed of response, the brand has developed a new feature which allows you to considerably improve acceleration in conditions of poor grip. A solution designed to proactively prevent skidding and which will be particularly useful for trucks that will have to operate in countries with cold climates where snow is often present on the roads.

This new feature is called Active Grip Control. Tests carried out with the Volvo FH Electric model in poor grip conditions, with a loaded trailer, showed a 45% improvement in traction More specifically, Volvo Trucks explains that if the truck starts to skid, a series of sensors allow the vehicle’s control system to react to road surface conditions, using the electric vehicle’s motors and other actuators. in an intelligent way to help the driver not to go off the road.

The system was also designed for reduce the risk of skidding and oversteer under no-load conditions. In addition, Active Grip Control also brings improvements in braking as the functionality can be used to control regenerative braking, without the need to activate the ABS. The result is increased efficiency as more time is spent on regeneration, accompanied by smoother braking. Active Grip Control will be available on models Volvo FH, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX Electric used for regional transport and in the construction sector.

In the future, a variant of this system will also be made available on vehicles powered by diesel or LNG. Anna Wrige Berling, Traffic & Product Safety Director of Volvo Trucks, commented:

Thanks to Active Grip Control, our drivers are increasingly able to navigate difficult roads and terrains, even in the most arduous of circumstances. It is a unique feature that the Volvo group has decided to patent.

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