Voltron, maybe we are there for the live action film: the director of Red Notice will do it

We go back to talking about a live action film about Voltron, one of the main successes of the golden age of Japanese “robots”: apparently there is a new package in circulation from the parts of Hollywood linked to director Rawson Marshall Thurber, fresh from the enormous success of Red Notice on Netflix. In addition to directing, Marshall Thurber should also devote himself to the script, along with Ellen Shanman. According toHollywood Reporter, the idea would be very popular, so much so that a real war on the upside would have been unleashed between the various distributors to grab it. At least six or seven studios would have made an offer, including Warner Bros., Universal and Amazon.

Instead, he would have passed Netflix, which in addition to having previously worked with Marshall also has the animated series in the catalog Voltron: Legendary Defender, the most recent relating to the franchise – is developed entirely in computer graphics and is composed of eight seasons, released between 2016 and 2018. Netflix is ​​involved only from the point of view of distribution in some markets – including ours. Production was handled by DreamWorks and World Event Productions, which control the Voltron brand.

As we said, we have already tried several times to make a film with real actors on the famous modular robot, with an aesthetic heavily inspired by lions and which is born from the union of five vehicles driven by as many young drivers. Apparently the first attempt dates back to the mid-2000s by Pharrell Williams and Mark Gordon, followed in 2010 by a Relativity Media initiative with Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. Later still, DreamWorks started thinking about an animated feature film, but then focused on the Legendary Defender series.

The idea is very popular because, especially in the United States, Voltron is among the most successful franchises of the genre, especially for being able to withstand the passage of time by maintaining an active and avid fan base for new content. Of course, it is not yet certain that the project will actually go through, but given the many offers on the plate, it is legitimate to be at least a little optimistic. That said, it’s fair to note that Thurber has a pretty busy schedule: in the pipeline are the two Red Notice sequels, with the aim of filming them simultaneously, and the live-action Dungeons and Dragons series. In short, it will take a while before we see Voltron on the big screen.

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