Volocopter makes the first manned flight in France

The sector of Urban Air Mobility (UAM) has been proving particularly dynamic in recent times. More and more companies are interested in this new form of mobility, including car manufacturers. Just recently, Suzuki announced a deal with SkyDrive for it development of eVTOLs (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft). There is certainly one of the most active companies in this field Volocopter which is working to launch a flying taxi service in several countries in the coming years.

The German company took its project a step further by announcing that it has successfully completed in France a series of test flights of his eVTOL Volocopter 2X with crew on board. It was a series of tests carried out to detect the noise emissions of aircraft. The data obtained will be used by its partners to organize future transport services in and around Paris. The test flights were carried out at the Pontoise airport in Paris.

We recall that Volocopter, in France, aims to create a flying taxi service to be launched on the occasion of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris.

We have once again demonstrated our pioneering strength here in Paris. By flying our manned eVTOL in a Paris airport, we are demonstrating in one of our launch cities that Volocopter can be a practical solution for travel from the airport to the city.

It is worth noting that the German company had already carried out a demonstration of the potential of its eVTOLs in France. At the Paris Air Forum held in June 2021, Volocopter had carried out a test flight although, in that case, controlling the aircraft remotely and unmanned on board. Volocopter 2X, please note, has two seats, reaches a maximum speed of just over 100 km / h and offers a range of about 35 km. The engines, of course, are electric. An aircraft, therefore, designed for short-haul travel in large cities where traffic is congested.

We will therefore see how this sector will evolve over the next few years. We remind you that in Italy too we are working in this direction. We cannot fail to mention, for example, the agreement between ENAC and the Lombardy Region for the development of Urban Air Mobility.

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