Volkswagen chooses Qualcomm for autonomous driving

The Volkswagen Group is investing not only in electrification but also in the development of autonomous driving through its subsidiary CARIAD. On this front, now, an interesting news arrives. CARIAD, in fact, announced of having chosen Qualcomm for the supply of system-on-chip (SoC) to be used within the platform designed to enable assisted and automated driving functions up to Level 4 (Here we explain the different Levels of autonomous driving).

Therefore, confirmation arrives to some rumors that had begun to circulate in the last days of an agreement between the German group and Qualcomm. Specifically, CARIAD will use the wallet’s SoCs Snapdragon Ride Platform Qualcomm that are well suited to the needs of the software it is developing. The new platforms will find their place inside German cars from the middle of the decade.

Thanks to this agreement, the German group will be able to provide a range of safe and scalable automatic driving functions. Connected cars of the future, equipped with advanced driving assistance functions, will increasingly resemble computers on 4 wheels. This means that they will need a hardware platform that is increasingly performing in terms of computing power. The Volkswagen Group has therefore chosen Qualcomm as supplies of the SoCs to enable all the advanced driving features that will arrive in the future. Dirk HilgenbergCEO of CARIAD, commented on this agreement:

The connected, automated car of the future is a high-performance computer on wheels. Behind it hides enormously complex computing power. With our automated driving solutions, we are striving to allow customers to take their hands off the wheel in the future. Our software and Qualcomm Technologies high-performance SoCs are the perfect pair to bring this new automotive experience to customers around the world.

Nakul Duggalsenior vice president & GM, automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, added:

We look forward to supporting CARIAD and its suppliers in ensuring scalable and safe automated driving functions for Volkswagen Group vehicles through their choice of our open and programmable Snapdragon Ride platforms. As the amount of innovation and complexities increase, strong partnerships like ours with CARIAD are a necessity not only to address aggressive time-to-market goals, but to provide safe and reliable automated driving experiences for all.

The Volkswagen Group is not the only large Group to have chosen Qualcomm as a hardware platform supply for connected cars. In recent months, announcements have come from various car manufacturers such as Stellantis and Renault.

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