Vodafone Happy Black closes, the Club program arrives from tomorrow

Vodafone Happy Black goodbye, welcome Vodafone Club. The red operator is preparing to throw a new program for its customers: the debut, second Mondomobilewebwill happen tomorrow May 9and at the same time Happy Black will retire, active since April 2019.

The name changes, as well as some modalities will probably change, but the objective of the program remains unchanged loyalty for a fee: offer to customers monthly discounts and gigabytes to add to your offer (strictly in 5G). With Happy Black Happy Cashback also closes. The deactivation takes place today, 8 May.

The transition from Happy Black to Vodafone Club will be automatic and at no additional cost: Vodafone customers who have joined the program will switch to the new one without having to take any action. Same pricetherefore, for the new offer, and the variation follows the same procedures also for those who are subscribed to Happy Black Limited Edition.

Vodafone Club can be activated by new customers on the Vodafone website, on the My Vodafone app, at 190 and at one of the telephone operator’s points of sale.

  • who can activate Vodafone Club? All Vodafone customers, both mobile and fixed network
  • how much does it cost? € 3.99 per month, 1st month free
  • how often is it renewed? Every month
  • what do you get? Discounts on travel, shopping, gasoline, grocery shopping, navigation (eg: Q8, Carrefour, Booking, Yoox, 10 extra gigabytes every month, free 5G activation)
  • what is Vodafone Club +? It is the half-yearly version of the offer

    • who can activate it? Mobile customers only
    • how much does it cost? € 14.99 every 6 months
    • what do you get? The same advantages of Vodafone Club plus some exclusive ones linked to this specific offer (eg: Amazon promo, Infinity +, discounts on smartphones and accessories)

There are situations in which Vodafone Club or Club + can be offered free of charge: this is the case with the activation of Red Pro, Red Max, Infinito and Infinito Black (with Smart Pay).

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