Vodafone, adjustments for everyone (or almost): between May and June even 3 € / month more

Hardly anyone will spare them remodeling announced in these days by Vodafone for May and June. The unilateral changes to the contracts will be two as the types of customers, rechargeable or in subscription. Upward tweaks are in the offing that they can even reach the extra three euros per monthbut in partial compensation Vodafone will in some cases also increase services and data traffic.


Interested rechargeable private customers have already received notification via SMS or will receive it shortly increases of between fifty cents and three euros more per month which will come into effect from 20 May, date on which Vodafone will make the services free “that allow you to always be reachable” and which are currently paid:

  • voice mail
  • Call me
  • continuity of service in case of exhaustion of the residual credit

It does not end here, because Vodafone will, at the same time as the increases, deactivate “all the additional minutes, SMS, Giga options for which until now you paid separately and the related costs will be eliminated, and the monthly cost of the SIM plan will also be eliminated, where applicable”. In addition, the Giga included will increase “to adapt the offers to the growing needs of consumption”even if it is not specified how much the data bundle will grow: it is probable that the company will communicate it to the individual customer with the SMS in which the operational contractual changes are expected from May.


On the other hand, it will be an “old-fashioned” remodeling, without customer benefits, the one that will affect some from 13 June private customers with subscription data SIM: € 1.99 more per month “for customers with a monthly post paid offer” to allow the company to “continue to invest in the network to offer our customers the highest quality of our services”. Communications with affected customers are ongoing.


In both cases, Vodafone – as per legislation – will allow those who do not want to accept the new contractual conditions of exercise the right of withdrawal or switch to another operator without incurring additional costs. Rechargeable customers will have 60 days from receiving the SMS (as required by Legislative Decree 207/2021), for those with a subscription the company has simplified the calculations by drawing up a table with the latest date to make the withdrawal based on the date of communication on the invoice.

Latest withdrawal dates for customers in subscription:

  • withdrawal by 12 July 2022 if invoice issued on 28 April 2022
  • July 21 – May 7
  • July 28 – May 14
  • August 4 – May 21
  • August 10 – May 27
  • August 22 – June 8
  • August 28 – June 14
  • September 4th – June 21st

To exercise the right of withdrawal without costs or penalties you can (both rechargeable and subscription):

  • send a registered letter with return receipt with purpose “modification of the contractual conditions” attaching a copy of the identity document and tax code to the address: Vodafone Customer Service, P.O.Box 190, 10015 Ivrea, Turin
  • via PEC at the address [email protected], attaching a copy of the identity document and tax code
  • filling in the forms at Vodafone points of sale
  • by calling Customer Service at 190
  • through the dedicated page on the Vodafone portal

In case the plan was linked to the purchase of a product in installments you have two possibilities:

  • terminate by continuing to pay only the remaining installments of the product
  • specify in the withdrawal request the desire to terminate the installment plan by paying the remainder in a single solution.

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