Unieuro ti Cambia PC: overvaluation used up to 350 € with great offers

The initiative launched by Unieuro at the same time as the publication of the new leaflet Change your old PCit’s about a promotion valid for those who buy a new PC costing more than 449 euros: by returning the old used computer of the same type, you will get a refund with a variable value based on the model chosen.

There is no shortage of opportunities, for example by purchasing the Apple MacBook Air 13 in promo for 999 euros, by returning an old notebook, you will receive a refund of 300 euros, thus bringing the final price to 699 euros. If you prefer Windows, the Huawei MateBook D 14 53012JBB to 599 euros with an obtainable refund of 200.

Of course there are limitationsthe main ones are: the returned product must be fully functional and complete, not older than 5 years and are not accepted home-assembled computers and netbooks. You can read the complete regulation by clicking on the link below.

“Customers will be entitled to the payment of the entire Valuation Value only after OPIA has carried out the evaluation of the Used Device and subject to the verification, by OPIA, of the existence of the following requirements: The Used Device must be fully functional, intact, complete in all its parts, including, for the notebook, the power supply and the battery and must not show signs or permanent changes, except for the normal wear and tear of the product in relation to the life of the same. If this Used Device does not have the characteristics mentioned above, OPIA, at its discretion, will have the right to offer the customer another amount deemed fair for the returned Used Device. The Customer will then have ten (10) calendar days to accept or reject the sum proposed by OPIA In case of non-response by the Customer, within 10 days, the OPIA offer will be considered automatically accepted by the Customer. if the Customer refuses the offer, the Used Device will be returned to the customer, at the expense of OPIA. “

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PLEASE NOTE: the promotions we insert are valid at the time of publication. They may vary in price, run out or no longer be available at the prices indicated over the course of subsequent hours / days.

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