Ukrainian forces track Russians using Where’s It on looted AirPods

A very interesting story has recently emerged that he tells a new way for technology to influence modern war scenarios, however tragic the context. As we know, the Russian military has recently started to withdraw from some territories of Ukraine, but the opponents have discovered a way to understand their movements.

Apparently the invading forces did not just occupy the conquered territories, they also looted them. And among the stolen items are several units of TWS Apple AirPods earphones; the Ukrainians have thus started use the Find My function to find themthus obtaining valuable information on the position of the “new owners”, so to speak.

In the past few hours, it was Franak Viačorka, one of the main advisers of the Belarusian opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, who spread the news via Twitter. A screenshot shows that some earphones are currently located in the Gomel regionprecisely in Belarus, where evidently part of the military has withdrawn.

It is not clear how Viačorka got the image, but it is necessary to contextualize by saying that Belarus is practically the only real ally of Russia, at least in the immediate vicinity, and that the opposition is on Ukraine’s side. The fact is that the Russian military has rather clumsily compromised their position, and wishing the Ukrainian forces now know where to strike.

In general we can say that (also) For military forces around the world, keeping secrets is increasingly difficult in the age of the internet and advanced technology, and the war strategies change accordingly. We remember in recent years the discovery of bases using satellite data, or the activity data of fitness trackers uploaded to platforms such as Strava.

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