Ubisoft does not understand the excessive skepticism towards NFTs

Last December Ubisoft announced that it wanted to open its business to the world of NFTs, starting with the Quartz project. The reception was not the best and the players, at least according to the feedback recorded online, do not seem to have appreciated the idea. This is a delicate matter because very often it happens, upon the arrival of new business models, to see this kind of reactions, in some cases then mitigated over time by the proof of the facts. He also spoke on the issue in recent days Nicolas Pouard, vice president of Ubisoft, head of the Strategic Innovations Lab department.

According to Pouard, the players “they miss what a secondary digital market can bring to the gaming experience. For the moment, due to the situation that has arisen and the context in which NFTs are positioned today, users think that […] are just a speculative tool“. During the lengthy interview granted to Finder, the Ubisoft executive added that”for us the final result is important, that is to say the ability to resell items once they no longer want them or are no longer interested in the game. So this is something we do for them“.

It will probably take years to understand what the true impact of NFTs will be on the world of video games. On the one hand, the possibility of creating objects, cosmetic or otherwise, capable of working on multiple titles and whose property is verifiable is interesting, could undoubtedly create value for users. On the other hand, they open the doors to new economic models that will be verified and that will have to leave enough room for maneuver to those who just want to play, to do it without thinking about anything else.

Over the last few months the NFT world has grown with more and more technology giants interested in the topic, but also many perplexing initiatives.

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