Twitter, pause for reflection. Elon Musk waits: “Badly I have a plan B”

He is having discussions about the proposed acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk officially formulated yesterday and delivered to CEO Parag Agrawal, who has headed the company since last November after Jack Dorsey left the scene. “We are still evaluating“Agrawal told his employees during a Q&A session, because the intention is to make the best decision.”in the interest of our shareholders“. Maybe if among these he also included Muskwhich among the shareholders is the one that holds the largest shares of the social platform.

The employees seem worried about the fate of the company, asking the CEO if layoffs will be envisaged in the event of privatization. “It’s too early to talk about it“, Agrawal replied on several occasions, who at this moment can do nothing but confront the workers and the board of directors to evaluate the offer.

Meanwhile Musk is pushing for a broad consultation that directly involves shareholders:

Not hearing their opinion, says Musk, it would be “completely indefensible“.”They are the ones who own the company, not the board of directors“.

What is certain is that Parag Agrawal does not seem willing to suffer the taxation Musk, and will want to make his life hard if he is willing to strike up a deal.


If I buy Twitter I’m only doing it for the public good, certainly not for money. So said Elon Musk during the TED 2022 conference in Vancouver. Twitter is “like a square“, therefore people must be able”speak freely within the limits of the law“The platform, continues the CEO of Twitter Tesla and SpaceX, must be open, open sourceand the code “it should be on Github for people to review“.

What if the Twitter board eventually declined the offer? “I have a plan B“Musk revealed to TED, but did not unbutton himself further.


Those bastards“This is the sweet thought dedicated to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which in 2018 he accused Musk of fraud for having Tesla’s withdrawal from the stock market is “threatened”, which never happened. Musk told TED 2022 that the company was in trouble that year, squeezed between model 3 production problems and the attack conducted by short sellers who were betting on Tesla bankruptcy. With the shares so volatile, Musk felt compelled to strike a deal with the SEC to make sure the banks wouldn’t cut off relations with the company – if that happened, Tesla he would have seriously risked bankruptcy.

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