Twitter, no joke or Musk poll: the edit key is really coming

Other than a joke or a survey by Elon Musk, the new owner of 9.2% of the shares and a new member of the company’s Board of Directors. Twitter is really testing a button to edit a tweet once it has been sent, a possibility that, in its simplicity, is in any case decidedly “revolutionary” for the social platform.

According to what was stated by Jay SullivanHead of Consumer Product at Twitter, the company has been working on this feature since last year, not since Musk’s tweet arrived, and starting next month it will be made available in the Labs section of those who have signed up for a Twitter Blue but it will still have to be perfected.

The ability to edit a tweet, Sullivan continues, has long been one of the most requested features:

People want to be able to correct (sometimes embarrassing) mistakes, typo, hot takes. They currently don’t have much of a chance to fix the problem other than by deleting the post and tweeting it again. Without thinking about time limits, controls and transparency on what has been changed, editing a tweet could be misused to alter the course of the public conversation.

For Twitter, therefore, it is It is vital to protect the integrity of a conversation and this is the goal he is pursuing in developing this “simple” function and that is why it will take time. Likely that modified tweets will be reported to other users and that changes that have been made with some sort of history will also be shown.

Editing a tweet, Sullivan concludes, is just one of the features Twitter is thinking about to help people have more choice and control over what they post.

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