Twitter and Elon Musk’s provocations: what will really change?

Elon Musk’s entry into Twitter is destined to revolutionize the social platform. Or at least that’s the first impression you get. The richest man in the world is joined the board and stay by tweeting a series of polls, proposals and provocations to test the ground and understand what innovations may be to be introduced in the future. Starting from the modification of the messages – “it’s not a joke“, he explained – on which a debate has arisen between those who consider it an indispensable functionality (and among these there is Musk himself) and those who would rather do without it (verba volant, scripta manent. And which side would Twitter be on?).

During this weekend, the shareholder he dedicated himself above all to Twitter Blue, a social service that in some countries (Australia, Canada, USA and New Zealand) against the payment of a monthly fee ($ 2.99 in the United States) offers several unique features and the ability to … edit (and cancel) tweets, even if only within a 20-second time frame.

Those who subscribe to Twitter Blue (ie, pay $ 3 per month) should have an authentication checkmark“, wrote Musk in a tweet. A recognition check that in any case should be different from the one already used for public figures or official accounts. And there shouldn’t even be advertisingbecause “the power of companies to dictate their policies increases dramatically if Twitter depends on advertising revenue to survive“.

The price should probably be around $ 2 a month, but paid for 12 months in advance and the account doesn’t get the checkmark for 60 days […] and must be suspended without refund if used for scam / spam.

In short, the first revolution could concern Twitter Blue, to be purified from advertising by allowing subscribers to to spend less and to be in a certain sense more protected, both from stakeholders and from potential dangers of fraud. And he couldn’t even miss one payment idea in Dogecoincryptocurrency to which Musk is particularly attached (just to get an idea, is accepted in Tesla shops).

And we conclude with a couple of provocations, starting with the proposal – submitted to regular survey – of convert Twitter headquarters into a shelter for the homelessbecause no one shows up [a lavorare, ndr] anyway“. With 15 hours to go, 91% of participants voted YES. Even more ambiguous is the second poll:

From Twitter to Tittertherefore … Before thinking badly, let’s remember that the literal translation from English is giggle. Note the two answer options.

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