Top-of-the-range mobile chip, next-gen even more thirsty for energy | Rumor

Next-generation top-of-the-line mobile SoCs could be even more thirsty for energy of the current ones: the reason, according to the well-known South Korean leaker forum Meecowould be attributable to the next Arm architectures – specifically, to the third generation core at maximum power (in all probability the Cortex-X3).

For the moment the information is still rather smoky and it is difficult to verify its reliability, the fact is that at this moment Samsung, Qualcomm and MediaTek would be testing the first samples of the X3 cores. Despite the performance (intended as computing power in traditional tasks) are substantially unchanged compared to the X2, consumption would increase by about 10% at clock rates of 3 GHz or higher.

Apparently the cause of this is artificial intelligence: the new cores are increasingly optimized for machine learning calculations, so much so that the specialized benchmarks would return scores even double compared to the X2. It is worth noting that the samples currently in circulation would come from both TSMC and Samsung, and in both cases they would be printed on new generation processes (it is unclear whether still at 4 nm but more refined or at 3 nm).

As a final consideration, it is important to remember that basically at this stage of the market there are no alternatives to Arm’s designs. Qualcomm proceeds with the custom brand Kryo but in recent years the changes made are practically non-existent. New initiatives are underway but it could take until 2024 before their announcement. Samsung tried to carry on Mongoose custom architecture for a while but abandoned it. MediaTek will likely stay with the stock designs due to the huge R&D costs.

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