Tire change 2022: off the winter, we move on to the summer

Spring has finally arrived, bringing milder temperatures. With the arrival of summer, the time to replace winter tires with summer ones. Today April 15 the obligation to have winter tires (or chains on board) expires in order to travel some road sections.

Attention, however, we remind you that although it is no longer mandatory to drive with winter tires on some roads, this does not mean that you have to rush to the tire dealer to make the change within a few hours. Indeed, there is time one month to fit summer tires. Therefore, there will be time for the replacement until May 15th.

There are, however, a couple of exceptions to remember. The first concerns all those who use on their cars All Season tires (4 seasons). These tires can be used both in winter and in summer. Therefore, no replacement required for those who use this solution on their cars.

Then there is the exception that concerns winter tires (identified by the initials M + S which means Mud + Snow, ie mud and snow) which have a speed code equal to or greater than that indicated in the vehicle registration document. The legislation, in fact, provides for the obligation to change only for M + S tires with a lower speed code.

Recall that the speed code indicated by a letter of the alphabet and is located directly on the tire. This value indicates the maximum speed supported for safe travel. Therefore, it is necessary to find this code and compare it with what is written in the vehicle registration document.

Beware that anyone caught with non-compliant tires risk a fine ranging from € 422 to € 1,695. At the same time there is also the possibility of withdrawing the vehicle registration document.

The fact that there is a month of time does not mean that you have to arrive at the last moment. First of all, because it is important to make an appointment with your trusted tire dealer in time and then because it is essential preserve the life of winter tires. As temperatures rise, they are subjected to greater stress and therefore tend to deteriorate prematurely.

This means that they can quickly lose their characteristics and in the winter following the risk that they will no longer offer adequate guarantees of safety. Take care of your tires always important to make them last longer and therefore also avoid having to spend a lot of money for their early replacement.

Also, summer tires bring several advantages as a greater silence and one reduction of consumption. In short, the change must be made as soon as possible. And for those who, in theory, could continue to have winter tires, the suggestion is always to replace them for the reasons described above. In addition, summer tires offer better grip and braking performance in hot weather.

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