Tineco Floor One S5 Combo review: the 2 in 1 that makes you forget the mop

The cordless vacuum cleaner they are undoubtedly a great invention. Comfortable, light and thanks to the latest very powerful technologies, there are rare cases in which the washing function is present and the models capable of sucking up liquids are almost absent. However, a traditional professional floor cleaner is so bulky and not too easy to use. There Tineco Floor One S5 Combo however, it could be the right solution for those looking for one 2 in 1 solution to be able to vacuum (even liquids), wash thoroughly and therefore have a single device for house cleaning.

A particular appliance, but also intelligent as it interfaces with the dedicated application available with a price of 449 euros, to which the approximately 80 euros for the Multi Tasker Kit which expands the possibilities of use.



Tineco was founded in 1998 and today belongs to the Ecovacs Robotics group, known for its robot vacuum cleaners. In 2022, together with the Floor One S5 Combo that we analyze, the Floor One S5 (available for 499 euros) And S5 Pro (599 euros), devices designed for a more specific use for washing floors. The Combo version inherits some of its main features.

Between these, a new brush with magnetic coupling mechanism which allows replacement without contact with the dirty surface and designed in such a way as to be able to easily reach even corners and edges, a criticality seen in the Floor One S3 And iFloor 3presented in 2020.

Devices that are characterized by the presence of iLoop sensor, capable of recognizing the amount of dirt present and automatically adapting the suction and washing power. The S5 range is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection for simplified management via application.


Tineco Floor One S5 Combo is the smallest of the range, it is around 110cm tall while the base measures around 25 x 23cm. Turns out more compact than the standard version, with a brush about two centimeters smaller. On the left side there is a lever that allows you to release the vacuum motor, so that it can be used both for washing floors and for vacuuming dirt from surfaces and floors.

At the top there is a bright display which indicates the mode of use (suction, washing, self-cleaning), the residual autonomy in percentage and the operating status of the iLoop sensor for the recognition of dirt. The construction is sturdy, the solid hooks and the charging base included in the package allows you to place all the accessories for maintenance, i.e. a second cylindrical brush, a brush for cleaning the internal parts and a second filter.

The clean water tank is in the back, like on the Tineco Floor One S5, but with one reduced capacity of 0.5 literswhile the one fordirty water is 0.45 liters. It weighs 3.8 kg in the floor cleaner version, making it easier to use.


All the company’s new scrubbers are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity so you can take advantage of the dedicated Tineco Life application, available for both Android and iOS devices. The main screen offers a complete overview of the overall duration of use and the mode used and the percentage of dirty and very dirty water sucked up and allows you to update the firmware, select the language of the voice assistant (including Italian) but above all it offers the possibility of accessing a support page dedicated to the operation of the appliance.

Having a guide for each component is of fundamental importance. Unlike robot vacuum cleaners that today require little maintenance, a floor cleaner of this type needs a little intervention by the user to be able to maintain its effectiveness over time. The dirty water tank must be emptied and cleaned after each cleaning, action also recommended by voice commands, clean the filter, carry out self-cleaning of the brush, but also wash the brush when it becomes too dirty.


The Floor One series by Tineco was born with a very specific purpose, namely that of replace the classic mop and allow users to obtain a clean, dry surface in a short time with a limited usage time. The 2,500 mAh battery allows you to clean for about 20 minuteswhich correspond to a total area between 60 and 80 square meters.

For washing a foam-free detergent of which a bottle is included in the package and you can also use hot water, in order to improve the final result. When put into action, the handling is appreciated and the automatic mode does its duty. It adjusts the flow of the water and detergent mixture so that only the amount needed is used and the iLoop sensor does very well in detecting dirt. It is sufficient that there are larger debris, or drops of liquid on the floor for the Floor One S5 Combo to increase the power, the flow of water and detergent and remove the dirt which is then collected in the special tank.

Unlike all cordless vacuum cleaners, in this case liquid debris can also be vacuumed, such as yogurt, oil, sauces, or wine. However, we recommend manually removing the excess, and then cleaning and cleaning with the floor cleaner. In our use we have not found any critical issues and the new brush allows you to clean corners and edges well. However, the mobility of the brush is somewhat limited and its thickness does not allow easy access to the spaces under the sofas and some suspended bathroom fixtures.


By detaching the suction motor using the special lever, it can be hooked to the second tank and to the two accessories dedicated to suction. By themselves these allow to have a use as a handheld vacuum cleaner or in any case for small surfaces such as desks, shelves and furniture. The engine offers good power and the effectiveness of the iLoop sensor is maintained which regulates the suction according to the dirt.

However, the use is limited by the accessories and for this reason we also tried the Multi Tasker Kit (not available at the time of writing) which actually transforms the Floor One S5 Combo into a real electric broom. The kit includes an extension tube, a hard surface brush with soft roller and a mini brush for cleaning mattresses, sofas and armchairs. From this point of view, the effectiveness is comparable to that obtained from a mid-range cordless vacuum cleaner, such as the Tineco A10 Hero. Dust and hair are well collected, with some more difficulty for very large and heavy debris, such as pebbles stuck in shoes). The brush is easy to disassemble, which is necessary to remove any hairs that tangle on it.


It deserves a dedicated paragraph self-cleaning function which allows you to extend the replacement intervals of the brush for washing. After completing a cleaning session and placing the floor cleaner on the charging dock, pressing the appropriate button at the top will use this function.

Before starting, however, we recommend that you empty the dirty water tank and refill the clean water tank for a good result. Self-cleaning rotates the brush and delivers plenty of water and detergent to remove surface dirt. The waste liquids will then be sucked into the dirty water tank.

It lasts about 10 minutes and in fact it leaves the brush ready for the next use but a lot depends on the type of dirt cleaned. In fact, no problem for dry and non-greasy dirt, but in the case of cleaning sticky or dense substances, it is better to replace the brush directly and wash it in the washing machine for a deeper cleaning.


Having a 2-in-1 home cleaning device can be an advantage in many cases but some aspects need to be considered. Tineco Floor One S5 Combo is perfect for compact spaces, where the need for a smaller footprint goes well with the features offered. Autonomy is ideal for spaces within 100 square metersfor those who carry out frequent cleaning and for those who want to get rid of the mop once and for all.

Compared to the standard version, a little power and a larger brush are given up, so it will be necessary to make more passes with the same surface. However, the versatility is excellent and with the purchase of the additional kit, which we recommend, you can really have an almost perfect 2 in 1. The biggest limits are due to the autonomy of about 20 minutes and the non-replaceable battery which has recharge times of over 3 hours to reach 100%.


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