TIM and the shutdown of the 3G network: that’s when, municipality by municipality

TIM continue to carry on the process of shutdown of your 3G network. He had announced it in March of last year, giving a general appointment to 2022, in the following November he confirmed the start of the procedure starting from the month of April 2022, and began informing customers via SMS earlier this year.

TIM recently published a detailed prospectus with the data of the disabling of the 3G network common by municipality. In general, the time interval is included between April and June of this year, but for even more precise data you can refer to the official page via the link below. Simply enter the name of the region to download the list of all municipalities with the relevant date for the 3G switch-off.

The prospectus is updated as of January 26 and TIM clarifies that, should something change during construction, it will promptly insert the tables with the most recent data. The switch-off will cover the entire national territory and, as previously clarified by the operator, it is justified both by the observation that 3G is an increasingly less used network technology, and by the need for focus investments on the latest technologies (4G and 5G):

The closure of the 3G network will allow TIM to concentrate its investments on the most energy efficient technologies and the best performing in terms of quality of services offered to its customers.

For those with a 4G or 5G device it can be said that it will change very little while who has a 3G device (smartphones, but also tablets, routers, keys, alarm systems / home automation) you will be able to continue making calls and sending SMS through the 2G network, but will have to take into account the slowdowns in internet browsing.

There is a note for those who use 4G devices not enabled for voice service on the 4G network who will be forced to use the 2G network to make phone calls and send SMS, with the consequence that TIM will no longer be able to guarantee the possibility of surfing while making a voice call. Offers and options active on SIMs used with 3G or 4G devices that do not support VoLTE service they will continue to be usable by customers without any change in economic conditions or changes in the telephone number.

Finally, anyone who uses a SIM with less than 128k capacity you will be able to continue making calls and SMS, but will experience slowdowns in internet browsing – TIM recommends that you go to a sales point to ask for the replacement of the SIM (after checking the compatibility) while maintaining the number. For further information, please refer to the official support page (link in the first VIA).

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