There is music in space: here is the incredible sound of two black holes

Who said that there is only space in space silence? This is true only where there is nothing, where only emptiness reigns supreme. But that’s not true at all in the presence of clusters of gassince in this case the sound waves are capable of move. Think for example of the enormous quantities of gas that envelop thousands of galaxies: here the sound is there, and how.

So why not listen to the sound of the black hole in the center of the Perseus cluster, 240 million light years from Earth? After all, for some time, astronomers have discovered that the pressure waves (those that propagate in gases through compression and decompression) that come out of the black hole cause “ripples“in the gas of the cluster. These waves can be turned into music, but some adjustments are needed first.

In fact, if theripple was transformed into a note, this it would be 57 octaves below the Do central, therefore inaudible to the human ear. On the occasion of NASA’s Black Hole Week, the sound was transformed by inaudible to audible making it fall within the range of human hearing, extracting in radial directions (from the center to the outside) the data previously collected by NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory and lifting it up of 57 and 58 octaves (in other words, 144 and 288 quadrillion* times higher than their original frequency).

*: 1 quadrillion is equal to 1,000,000,000,000,000

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