There is a 27 million mAh power bank that also powers a washing machine

While we await the arrival of technologies capable of revolutionizing the world of batteries, power banks are and will remain indispensable tools, almost as much as the devices they recharge. And when we have to choose one, we have to deal with our energy needs, but also with space: better a compact model but with a less capacious battery, or a beast that weighs as much as a laptop?

YouTuber Handy Geng’s answer to this straightforward question: bigger, better. And since the market did not offer him a solution large enough for his tastes, he decided to gear up and do it himself, assembling a huge 27,000,000mAh power bank.

To carry out his ambitious project he used the battery of an electric vehicle, and then created a body that recalls in all respects the design of a power bank. Only in giant format. The “monster” assembled by Geng about 2 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and less than 50 cm high (the weight data is missing, which must not be indifferent) and equipped with 60 sockets with which it is not only possible fully recharge 5,000 smartphoneswith 3,000 mAh batteries, but also power much more demanding setups, complete with home appliances.

It is no coincidence that the youtuber, to show the potential of his creation, took her with him (not without difficulty) to fishing, giving life to a TV, a washing machine, a kettle and also supplying energy to an electric scooter. .

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