The TOP best Smartwatches to buy | April 2022

The wearable market among those that have grown the most in the course of the last couple of damages, both as regards the earphones and for the smartband and smartwatch. The last two categories in particular have expanded a lot, often coming to touch each other, proposing hybrid models that meet some specific needs, but not all. divide the large family of smartwatches into three sets distinct:

  • Pure smartwatches: for example products with WearOS, (Tizen) or Apple Watch, these are watches capable of managing numerous intelligent functions and are often equipped with eSIM connectivity that allows you to leave the smartwatch at home. Some of them have some sporting function, but are mainly designed for everyday use. Because of these advanced features, they are generally the ones with the smallest autonomy.

  • Hybrids: these are watches designed for everyday use, they monitor daily activities (steps, calories, heart rate, etc.), they enjoy some smart functions such as calls, the ability to read notifications with a large color display, sometimes the ability to install apps, manage music, weather and sync everything with health apps installed on your smartphone. Hybrids have strong sports tracking skills, but are less complete than pure sports watches, for example they do not have the possibility of connecting accessories or preparing workouts in detail.

  • Pure sportwatches: they are products of historical brands that deal with sports, such as Garmin, TomTom, Polar, Suunto. They are sectorial and dedicated exclusively to those who play sports, the maximum smart function they have are notifications and music management via Bluetooth, for the rest they focus on monitoring sports activity and they know how to do it very well.

Having clarified these macro distinctions, in this guide we will only cover the first two groups. Let’s start with pure smartwatches.


For those who have an iPhone, the doubt does not even arise: the choice inevitably falls on an Apple Watch. The latest is the Apple Watch 7, a model that, during our tests, surprised by the quality of construction, design, software and monitoring of physical activity. These considerations also apply to the Watch 6, but the 7 differs in a slightly pigmented display (the case goes from 40 to 41 mm in the small variant and from 44 to 45 mm in the large), a faster charging system and greater resistance. to shocks and atmospheric agents. If you want, therefore, an absolute top of the range, the choice must undoubtedly fall on the latest version of the Apple Watch.

The lower cost alternative of all, remaining in the house of the bitten apple, the Apple Watch SE which still allows you to make phone calls and has the same size and build quality as the 6, but for the always on display, the sensor for measuring oxygen and the ECG. Otherwise perfectly capable of measuring the heartbeat and providing all the classic features of the range. All of these three models also have access to Fitness + and are available with optional support for the eSIM connectivity. The average autonomy is 1 and a half days.



The elective alternative for the Android world Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. We tried it in the classic version and found one of the most complete products in the smartwatch panorama. The lines do not stray far from the predecessor, but the real novelty of the latest model represented by the operating system: passed from Tizen to WearOSthe Google operating system, in this case customized and optimized by Samsung, the first of its kind that convinced us across the board.

Watch4 available inversion with or without LTE connectivity. The aluminum body with Gorilla Glass DX + and the IP68 certification for diving up to 5 ATM. In the version we tested, the display has a 1.2 diagonal and can be seen well even in sunlight; c lalways on, while inside the body there are Exynos W920, 1.5 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage space useful for downloading Spotify playlists locally. The various sensors allow you to obtain excellent performance in all situations and the apps always open quickly, without any uncertainty. We specify that present ECGbut it only works in conjunction with Samsung smartphones, and the autonomy is one full day of use, which is why the smartwatch must be recharged in the morning before leaving home.




Huawei Watch GT3 the third proposal we make among the so-called pure smartphones: third generation of the GT smart watch range, this also allows for calling with an eSIM. The strong points are the elegant design with circular diala good quality of materials and extraordinary autonomy for a smartwatch of this kind: it reaches about ten days of standard use. Available in two versions with a 42 or 46 mm dial, it has a amoled display from 1.43 clearly legible in all lighting conditions, the always on function and automatic brightness adjustment. Withstands water up to 5 ATM, weighs 42 grams and, on the aesthetic side, comes very close to a classic watch. The strap available in three variants, namely leather, metal or silicone.

There is also 4GB of internal memory to download songs and applications from the App Gallery, a microphone and a speaker powerful enough, the notifications arrive, but the emoticons are not read and some limitations in the response. Present the GPS and lNFC, but still not possible to make payments. On board we find the proprietary operating system Harmony OS that allows you to track 100 types of workouts related to the Health app, a sp02 sensor for blood oxygen saturation and an accurate system for detecting heart rate.


Given that the Galaxy Watch 4 range has dropped so radically in price, approaching the prices of the more famous hybrids that have fewer smart features, we thought it was foolish to propose hybrids with exaggerated prices – which there are, especially at the moment. of the launch – since then the functions for which it is worth paying are more or less always the same. So here’s one selection of hybrids that have everything you need at a price below 100 euros:


Hybrids forgo some smart features, but lHonor Magic Watch 2 it still allows you to answer calls, even if via Bluetooth and not eSIM, so it absolutely deserves a stand in this guide. Available in two sizes of 42 mm or 46 mm, it is often found online for less than 100 euros and a well finished product, made with care. Nice to see on the wrist, it has a sober design and a reliable physical activity tracking system. The excellent fitness sector, c the GPSthe autonomy of about 5 days, allows a good customization, but it is not possible to install third-party apps and the interaction with the notifications reduced, being able only to view them without responding.



A brand that has a lot to say Amazfit with a very wide range of wearable proposals with a clean and captivating design. Between these, one of the most interesting is the GTS 2e. Square and thin (aesthetically reminiscent of an Apple Watch), has very elegant lines and dials for a digital watch, also thanks to thenice 1.65 amoled display inserted under a curved tempered glass. A side physical button similar to a ring and a silicone strap suitable for sports, but also for more formal environments. Physical activity is tracked with 90 sports modes and not even the GPS. The autonomy that stands at is also good one week of use around the clock with all functionalities active. Also in this case it is not possible to answer calls or messages, let alone make contactless payments.

Alternatively, if you prefer a circular design, here is the GTR 2e: 1.39 OLED display with automatic brightness, circular aluminum case, light weight, compact enough, withstands dives up to 50 meters deep and has an interchangeable strap in 22mm format. The substance similar to that of GTS 2e, there is also a microphone with voice assistant that for limited to the functions of the watch. Also in this case GPS and Bluetooth, but no NFC. The autonomy is around ten days with the display always on active or, otherwise, between 15 and 20 days.



Given the advantageous price, to be reported too the Xiaomi Mi Watch which, thanks to the offers often present online, becomes one of the most recommended for purchase. It is characterized by a 1.39 circular AMOLED display very large and legible, equipped with automatic brightness adjustment, always on mode and possibility of customization with 100 different dials. The 46 mm case makes it suitable for not particularly slim wrists, the linear and clean design.

Water resistant up to a maximum of 5 ATMequipped with a precise pedometer, of GPS and other various sensors that report altitude, atmospheric pressure, blood oxygenationheartbeat, sleep, energy and stress level. The operating system is responsive, but cannot interact with notifications, nor answer phone calls. Well done Xiaomi Wear app e autonomy of 12-14 days with mixed use. It should be noted that the latest update has resulted the voice assistant Alexa in Italian and also the shutter function.




We close this guide with the Huwei Watch Fit, great for female wrists, given its smaller size than the rest of the other proposals just mentioned. Beldesign, very light (we are talking about 21 grams), the rectangular and elongated shape makes it more similar to a smartband, but it is not. Pleasant and functional too 1.64 AMOLED display with automatic brightness, it is accompanied by a responsive touchscreen e not even the GPS is missing.

The Huawei Health app is very intuitive and worthy of note too autonomy which is around ten days about. The operating system is the usual found on Huawei wearables and allows various customizations such as the change of the watch faces. One of the features inside it is dedicated to physical activity: an app withguided physical exercises and the animated image of a personal trainer which shows their correct execution. Again, it is not possible to interact with notifications or calls; the shutter function only available in conjunction with Huawei smartphones.


In addition to the products in this guide, there are others, perhaps equally valid and performing, which we have decided not to include for various reasons.You can comment on this article by recommending your favorite product even if not present in this list.


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