The Studio Ghibli theme park will open in November: here are the first images

After the announcement of the return of Hayao Miyazaki to direct for a new film, Studio Ghibli fans have a new reason to rejoice: the official Twitter account of the Japanese animation studio has published the first images of its theme park, whose opening is set for next November 1st 2022.

The park will open in Aichi prefecture, near Nagoya, e it will have three areas to begin with: Youth Hill, Ghibli Large Warehouse Area and Dondoko Forest. In 2023, the village of Mononoke and the Witch Valley will also be added. There are not many other details for the moment and, according to the published photographs, it seems that the works to create the theming of the park are still in progress.

For fans who do not reside in Japan, the hope at this point is obviously that, between now and the opening, the situation linked to the pandemic may have resized and that it will return to the possibility of traveling with the ease of the past. Until then, we will have to settle for official photos and videos that will certainly abound in the coming months.

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