The Red Dot Awards unveil Philips OLED + 907 and OLED + 937 TVs

The 2022 edition of Red Dot Awards has anticipated some news that Philips will announce later in the year. Moreover, it is not the first time that the first ones attributed for design offer this type of anticipation. Let’s talk specifically about OLED + 907 And OLED + 937two series of TVs with organic emitters that are positioned on a higher range than the OLED 807 presented last January.

At the moment all the features of the products are not available but the official announcement is still far away: usually Philips uses the IFA in Berlin, which takes place at the beginning of September, to present top-of-the-range TVs to the public. Nonetheless, we still have some interesting information that we will list in the following chapters.

Rod WhiteChief Design Officer of TP Vision, said:

The Red Dot Awards are among the highest accolades that the community of design professionals can bestow and winning this award is the natural culmination of the successes we have achieved this year. I am delighted that the Red Dot Awards have once again recognized our unique approach to consumer electronics product design. We always try to create something that keeps high and increases the pride of the customer who chooses one of our products.

OLED + 907

Let’s start with OLED + 907, a series which, as indicated by the suffix “+”, continues for the fifth year the collaboration with Bowers & Wilkins, the historic manufacturer of speakers and audio products. There are three models available: 48OLED907 / 12 (48 “), 55OLED907 / 12 (55 “) And 65OLED907 / 12 (65 “). We take for granted the presence of Ultra HD panels produced by LG Display and equipped with the improvements granted by the OLED.EX technology, already confirmed on the OLED 807.

The audio section is placed inside a sort of soundbar placed under the lower side of the screen and wrapped in Kvadrat fabric. In the back there is also a low frequency subwoofer. Philips worked together with Kvadrat to improve the acoustic transparency of the fabric in order to achieve higher sound quality.

The table base, made of dark satin metal, is very small on the front side thanks to a rear bar which, remaining hidden from view, improves the stability of the TV and allows screen rotation. The OLED + 907s feature a Muirhead leather-wrapped remote control on the sides and back surface. Video processing is entrusted to 6th generation P5 AI + processor (more advanced than that of the OLED 807) and is present Ambilight on all 4 sides.

OLED + 937

The OLED + 937 series is positioned at the top of the 2022 range. At the moment there seems to be only one cut, the 77OLED937 / 12 from 77 “ but we will then have confirmation in the second half of the year. The equipment includes all the features of the OLED + 907 and adds an even more advanced audio system, contained in the table stand.

We therefore find the new Kvadrat fabric, the Muirhead leather remote control, the sixth generation P5 AI + processor and Ambilight on 4 sides. As for the audio we have speakers dedicated to the Atmos channels And lateral transducers concealed by angled metal plates. In the center stands the tweeter-on-top taken from some Bowers & Wilkins loudspeakers. The finishes on all metal parts feature a satin aluminum surface, a detail chosen to easily adapt to modern homes.


In addition to the new OLEDs, Philips has also received awards for some audio products. For the Fidelio range, awards have been given to Fidelio Soundbar FB1, Fidelio Subwoofer FW1 and the wireless speaker Fidelio FS1. The reason why the Red Dot Awards have chosen these models is easy to say: they are all part of a system that starts from a single soundbar or from the speakers and that can be composed to create a 7.1.4-channel system.

The connection of the devices is done through the Play-Fi technology of DTS. The design of all the elements has been conceived with a minimalist approach, in order not to distract attention from the content reproduced on the TV screen. A dark metal grille surrounds the surfaces of the speakers. There are also inserts in Muirhead leather inserted in the bevel that delimits the upper edge of each product.


We conclude the roundup of awards received by Philips with bluetooth speakers Philips Sports S4807 and S7807. The two models are designed for use outside the home and are available in black / red and light gray / yellow. The same color combinations are also used for the metal details and for the fabric strap. The coatings needed to offer greater protection conceal the speakers recessed inside.

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