The Quest – The Quest of the Paladins, reality meets fantasy on Disney +

A new TV series is coming to Disney + that mixes dynamic reality with fantasy settings, a kind of very special television experiment that will be titled The Quest – The Quest of the Paladins.

Available from 11 May, it will feature a group of teenagers who will find themselves busy trying to complete a series of missions to save the land of Everealm from evil. But what will it be specifically?

We are talking about an innovative hybrid competition series in which eight teenagers (the Paladins) will enter the fantastic fictional world of Everealm, where they will have the task of saving the kingdom by fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Over the course of the eight-episode series, these heroes will be immersed in a fantasy world that will come to life, including: a castle, rulers, multiple species of magical creatures, and a witch intent on destruction and the quest for power.

Following the official synopsis and if the underlying dynamics were not clear, there is also a first official trailer.

For thousands of years, Everealm has been a land of unparalleled beauty and powerful magic. Now, the kingdom is threatened by a terrible evil sorceress. As a last resort, the noble Fates summon eight strangers from another world, called the Paladins, to work together to help them fulfill an ancient prophecy and defeat the Witch. The Paladins will have to search for the hero they have within them through a series of challenges that will push them beyond their limits, to restore balance to Everealm. If they fail, all will be lost. Heroes will rise. Kingdoms will fall.

The Quest – The Quest of the Paladins is produced by Court Five, New Media Collective and Scout Production Inc. Jane Fleming and Mark Ordesky (The Lord of the Rings) are the executive producers for Court Five. Bertram van Munster, Elise Doganieri and Mark Dziak (The Amazing Race) are the executive producers for New Media Collective. Rob Eric, Michael Williams and David Collins (Queer Eye) are the executive producers for Scout Production Inc.

At this point the curiosity is great and we just have to wait until May 11 to know more, but in the meantime let’s enjoy some sequences thanks to the official trailer to follow, enjoy!


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