The police try to stop a robotaxi. Here’s what happened in San Francisco

Cruise started experimenting in San Francisco with a robotaxi service with driverless cars that can be used by its employees and selected people. For safety reasons, robotaxis can operate only at night within a specific area of ​​the city. Apparently, however, it appears that the police he will have to get used to managing even these driverless cars.

In the last few days, a very funny video has been circulating online that has gone viral in which a patrol of the San Francisco police is seen, “ordering a halt” to one of Cruise’s robotaxis. The reason? The car was driving with the headlights off. After the stop, an agent, somewhat confused given the situation, somehow tries to interact with the car, trying, unsuccessfully, to open it. He also hears “there is no one inside“.

But the funniest thing about this scene is that once the agent took a few steps back to his car, the robotaxi immediately sprinted forward, as if “he was running away” and then stopped shortly afterwards at the side of the road with the four arrows lit. At that point, the police drove back behind Cruise’s car. Eventually, the agents got out of their car again to figure out what to do.

The scene, with the police stopping and then “chasing” a self-driving car aroused the hilarity of passersby, as can be heard from the many laughter recorded in the video.

Curiously aside, it is interesting to note one thing concerning the management of the autonomous driving platform developed by Cruise. According to the company, the car promptly recognized the police halt and stopped. Subsequently, the robotaxi did not “run away” as it may seem from the video. In reality, he just moved to find a safer place to stop.

The problem of managing the headlights was then solved e the police did not fine the robotaxi. Either way, Cruise lets it be known that he works closely with San Francisco law enforcement and that a special number is available to call in situations like this.

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