The Italian government is pushing for biofuels and technological neutrality

The Minister for Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti has returned to speak the challenges of mobility in Italy and Europe, reaffirming once again the principle of “technological neutrality“. Therefore, we must not focus only on electrification but also on other solutions that can lead to the decarbonisation of the transport sector, such as biofuels. This is not a new position that was reiterated once again by the minister in a speech at #FORUMAutoMotive, the reservoir of ideas and central for debates on mobility issues promoted by the journalist Pierluigi Bonora.

During his speech, the minister highlighted how the country must face a technological challenge defined as “epochal” that will have a very severe impact on the automotive supply chain. For this, “pragmatism” is needed. The Government, therefore, will have to manage the transition process taking into account the economic and social consequences that will ensue.

The country is facing an epochal technological challenge to respond to the new requirements that the international community has set itself and which will also have a very severe impact on our automotive supply chain. A transition that the Italian government, in full agreement with the decarbonisation objectives, but with pragmatism, will have to accompany taking into account the economic and social consequences that will ensue.

The minister then recalls how the Government has put a huge resources available to accompany the demand for ecological cars. This is a clear reference to incentives. And speaking of the concept of technological neutrality repeatedly reiterated in recent times, the minister added that the Government will push at the European Union level for the eligibility of biofuels. In this regard, we cannot fail to mention that the development of biofuels finds space within the plan to support the automotive world recently announced by the Italian government.

Giorgetti then underlines the importance of ensuring the entire supply chain the possibility of being able to participate in this transformation process. For this reason, the Government will make available to companies a series of supports for industrial reconversion.

The Government has allocated huge resources to support the demand for ecological cars in our country, so that they can gradually be available to all, holding firm to the principle of technological neutrality that we have also brought to COP26, with an eye to the future and not limited only to electric car. For example, at a European level we are pushing hard for the admissibility of biofuels, on which Italy is a technological and research excellence. We must ensure that all the pieces of the supply chain can participate in this transformation process, adapting their entrepreneurial mission and their plants. This is why we are making important supports dedicated to industrial reconversion available to companies.

We recall that as regards the first 700 million euros allocated for 2022 to support the automotive world, the division between incentives and aid to businesses has not yet been officially decided. An announcement to this effect is expected shortly.

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