The first iPad Air with Touch ID and the mini with Retina are officially “vintage”

Two other products join the list of Apple products vintage: I am iPad Air and iPad mini, both second generation. The first dates back to October 2014, the second to November 2013. iPad Air 2 is remembered because it was the first to be equipped with the fingerprint reader that Apple calls Touch ID, iPad mini 2 because the first with Retina display , the commercial name that Apple has given to products with high resolution screens for years.

Both, in their own way and with different impacts, helped to evolve the iPad line and make them acquire the importance it has today within the Apple range, which for years has been the (almost) undisputed queen of the tablet market. The second generation iPad Air, besides being the first with Touch ID, was also the first Air with the screen very close to the protective glass, so at first glance it had a significantly more modern look than its predecessor.

The list of devices vintage della Mela includes those products for which more than five years have elapsed and less than seven from the stop to sale. This is the first deadline on every Apple product. The second, and last according to current policies, comes seven years after end of marketingafter which the products are eligible to become part of the list of marked gadgets obsolete.

There difference between the two categorizations is substantial: the products vintage they can be officially repaired at Apple or authorized centers, but everything is subject to the availability of spare parts which is guaranteed for all younger products. About the products obsolete instead the doubt about the availability of the parts does not even persist: they cannot be repaired through official channels, so in case of problems the only one is to contact third party repairers, availability of spare parts (not original) permitting.

Last February there were new entries in both lists: iPhone 6 Plus had become vintage, iPad 4 instead obsolete.

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