The EU Transport Commission votes “no” to the stop to internal combustion engines in 2035

The European Commission proposal to stop the sale of the new petrol and diesel cars from 2035 had caused a lot of discussion. We have talked about it several times and we have seen how different positions have emerged between European countries over time. We also knew that the process of getting the Fit-for-55 package approved was not going to be easy.

And precisely in this regard, the news arrives that the Transport Commission (Tran) of the European Parliament voted “no” to the abolition of internal combustion engines from 2035.

The Commission has come out in favor of a technology mix as electricity is not the only way to the green transition. So, it comes reaffirmed the concept of technological neutrality also supported several times by the Italian government. At the same time, an opinion on the regulation was approved which essentially provides that from 2035 newly registered vehicles will reduce emissions by 90%, and not by 100%.

That way, it would give still space for combustion engines powered by alternative fuels. As the MEP explains Massimiliano SaliniEPP rapporteur of the regulation on CO2 standards for new cars and light vehicles, in this way it will be possible to save from the collapse the automotive and component industry chains that would be brought to their knees by a non-progressive electric process.

In short, the Transport Commission (Tran) of the European Parliament says no to electricity alone at all costs from 2035 and reaffirms the concept of technological neutrality. Furthermore, the text also asks to gradually change the methodology of calculation of emissionsmoving to an approach that evaluates the CO2 emissions of the entire production cycle of the vehicle.

What happens now? This is just an opinion. The whole approval process is still very long. The Environment Committee still has to express its opinion on this issue before the proposal reaches Parliament and then on the table of the European Council. Therefore, there is still a long way to go before the European Union finally decides what the fate of combustion engines will be.

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