The Boys 3: lots of news in the new bloodthirsty video trailer

Amazon continues to hold high attention to one of the most talked about and unconventional TV series ever: The Boys. After the first look video released at the beginning of the year, the first real video trailer of the third season which, it seems, will not disappoint fans with a new mix of more or less absurd situations, new characters and the inevitable dose of splatter that characterizes some scenes.

Among the most noteworthy elements of the video are Butcher who appears to have acquired super powers – he can shoot laser beams from the eyes like a Patriot – the new characters starting with Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) – an equivalent of Captain America who he was part of the Payback group of superheroes, pre-existing to the Seven, and one of the first to inject Compound V – to get to the Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden). Everything is seasoned with the notes of the Imagine Dragons song entitled Bones.

The Boys 3 will arrive on Prime Video on June 3rd. It will start with three episodes and every Friday a new one will be added up to the season finale set on July 8, for a total of eight episodes. In the meantime, to pass the wait, those who have not already done so can recover the animated anthology series Diabolical, also available on Prime Video.

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