TeslaMic, Tesla also sells microphones for in-car karaoke

Over time, Tesla amazed users by proposing inside of his online shop particularly curious products. One cannot but remember the surfboard, the Tesla branded tequila, the Cyberwhistle and much more. This time, however, the manufacturer has really “surpassed” himself by arriving to market in China a very curious gadget. A product that burned in just over an hour, so much so that it no longer appears in the Tesla online shop in China.

But what are we talking about? Tesla proposed a set of karaoke microphones nicknamed TeslaMic. Wireless microphones for use inside your cars. This gadget was made available in conjunction with a Chinese New Year software update that included a karaoke app called Leishi KTV. The purchase price was 1,199 Yuan equal to about 167 euros.

So, thanks to the new karaoke app and two microphones, Chinese users can have fun singing their favorite songs inside Elon Musk’s electric cars. A decidedly unusual product which, however, seems to have been liked very much by the Chinese as it soon sold out. Putting aside the curiosity of the product for a moment, one cannot but remember that Tesla had recently extended the registration of its trademark to also be able to market products related to the audio sector.

Therefore, TeslaMic could be just the first of a series of audio gadgets that the automaker intends to market within its online shop. Will we also see these microphones for sale in Tesla’s online shops in other markets? Difficult to know. What appears clear is that we should expect the arrival of increasingly curious products.

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