Tesla sold the most electric of all in 2021. The ranking of Groups

For the auto market 2021 It has been a difficult year for a variety of reasons including the aftermath of the covid and the chip crisis. We have talked about it several times and we have also seen that in this negative scenario electrified cars they found more space. In particular, there has been a sharp increase in 100% electric cars. In Europe we have seen how the Tesla Model 3 was by far the most requested battery-powered car on the market, even going so far as to be the best-selling car ever in some months of 2021. And looking at the world market, how did the electric in 2021 go?


Thanks to a ranking created by CleanTechnica using data from EV Volumes, it was possible to take a picture of the situation of the overall electricity market. In first place we obviously find Tesla with 936,172 cars. A fairly obvious result given the numbers that Elon Musk’s company has achieved in the course of 2021. The American brand has thus achieved an overall market share of 21%. This is certainly a large share but two percentage points lower than that of 2020. A decrease to be attributed essentially to the fact that competition is growing.

Second place for the Chinese of SAIC with 609,730 electric cars with an overall market share of 13% (two points more than in 2020). Third step of the podium for the Volkswagen Group with 451,131 cars, equal to a 10% share (one point less than in 2020).

Fourth position for BYD with 323.143 electric. Numbers that have allowed us to have a 7% share (6% in 2020). Fifth position, however, for the Hyundai-Kia Group with 216,562 electric cars (5% share).


CleanTechnica has made a ranking considering both the sales of 100% electric and both those of the Plug-in models. This ranking was actually “doubled” to show the results both at the level of the Groups and at the level of the individual brands. In all cases, we always find Tesla in command with a share that, however, drops to 14% of the market. If we look at the numbers of the automotive groups, behind the American manufacturer we find the Volkswagen Group followed by SAIC, BYD and Stellantis.

Watching at the level of individual brands, behind Tesla we find BYD, SGMW, Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, SAIC; Volvo and Audi. 2022 promises to be a year in which plug-ins and electric will play an even more important role. It will therefore be very interesting to find out the trend of sales during this new year. Furthermore, with the increasing competition in the electric sector it will be equally interesting to see how much the Groups aiming to reach Tesla will grow.

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