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Paul Grey – Founder

Paul Grey was called crazy in his class at Cornell University, as he wanted to come up with a consumer-oriented product review platform in an era when everyone else was digging for the gold rush on the other side.

All his classmates and professors were looking at seller-side platforms as the future but Paul had the kind of vision and perseverance to achieve what no one else had before him. Thus was born SmartSummit. 

It quickly became a very popular website and attracted many copycats. However, nobody from the lot could match with the user experience and the quality of content that SmartSummit was providing due to the experience and deep insights from Paul himself. 

Paul is still enthusiastic about bringing about another revolution in this field and says that the tech community should follow his website closely as he is soon going to release a host of features that the world has not even imagined yet. So keep your fingers crossed!

Sofia Lee – Writer

With her five years of experience as the leading journalist covering technology news for All Tech Media Group, Sofia Lee earned herself a reputation as a thorough tech expert. Her insights are highly noticed and she is taken very seriously even by the industry veterans. 

When Sofia graduated from her college, she had some of the best companies offering her a job. Instead of going with a major tech firm or an MNC, she chose this newly started website SmartSummit as the idea behind it seemed quite unique and relatable to her.

In her later interview with the famous ProTech Magazine, she mentioned how she herself wanted to work on something similar but her talent was creativity and writing and not the technology part so she could not have her own startup.

Nevertheless, SmartSummit offered her the opportunity, and Paul, the founder also liked the pool of talent and creativity which Sofia would be bringing to the website so he directly offered her the post of the chief writer which Sofia holds to date. She has only earned it even harder if anything since she joined the company.