Suzuki and SkyDrive together to develop eVTOL

The eVTOL sector, that is the well-known vertical take-off and landing aircraft that we have talked about several times in the past, seems to be of great interest to car manufacturers as well. As we know, Hyundai has important projects in this sector, so much so that it expects to be able to launch its first eVTOL in 2028. Stellantis and Toyota, on the other hand, have invested in companies that are making these aircraft.

Now comes an interesting piece of news regarding Suzuki. The Japanese automaker has been hoping that will collaborate with SkyDrive the development and sale of electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. We have already talked about SkyDrive in the past. It is a Japanese startup that works in the sector of UAM (Urban Air Mobility) with the aim of creating a flying taxi service. In 2020, one of its eVTOLs had made its first pilot-on-board test flight.

More recently, at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, SkyDrive announced that it was working on a new two-seater model that should be ready to be proposed as a flying taxi at the World Expo in Osaka to be held in 2025. It is unclear. if Suzuki will collaborate on this project.

The companies have not disclosed details of investments in their partnership, nor have they outlined any production schedules or targets. In addition to Japan, the two companies will also focus on the Indian market where Suzuki has an important market share. SkyDrive has highlighted that this agreement will allow Suzuki to explore the possibility of adding eVTOLs to its activities related to the mobility sector.

Therefore, potentially very interesting news for the future. In any case, it is yet another confirmation that car manufacturers are interested in this new form of mobility that could actually become a reality in the coming years. In this regard, it is recalled that in Italy work is underway on the development of infrastructures dedicated to these aircraft (called vertiporti).

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