Stop a Vanced: Google blocks the free and ad-free YouTube app

Vanced has come to an end after being the subject of a legal dispute with Google. It should be remembered preliminarily that Vanced is a very popular Android app because it allows you to view YouTube content without advertising and without the need to subscribe to a Premium subscription. So no advertising breaks and no costs to be paid by the user. It is easy to understand that Vanced is appreciated by users, but much less by Google than in this way losing precious advertising revenues, without the possibility of compensating them with the Premium subscription fee. The developers let it be known with a note:

Vanced has been discontinued. In the next few days the download links from the site will be removed. We know it’s something you didn’t want to hear, but we’re forced to. Thank you all for supporting us over the years.

Users who have already installed the app on smartphones will be able to continue using it until it becomes obsolete – apparently not an event that will happen anytime soon, because the development team specifically mentions about two years of support. Overall, therefore, there is still a (nice) bit of leeway for those who want to continue using the app.The Vanced team will continue to keep the communication channels active on Discord, Telegram and Reddit

A spokesperson for Vanced confirms a The Verge some details of Google’s requests:

We were asked to remove all YouTube references, change the logo, and remove YouTube product links.

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