Star Wars, another upcoming game: action-adventure from Skydance

A new Star Wars game: it will be an action-adventure that will focus on a “highly cinematic” plot. It will be produced by Skydance New Media, which was born from an offshoot of the film studio of the same name, which specializes in blockbusters from various franchises. Since his birth he has mainly dealt with various Mission Impossible, Jack Ryan, Terminator, GI Joee and several films with Ryan Reynolds, including 6 Underground and The Adam Project. Among the projects in the pipeline, the studio has Top Gun: Maverick, now in the pipeline, two Star Treks, two Mission Impossible, a Transformers and a GI Joe.

Skydance New Media was formed in 2019 under the direction of Amy Hennig, former creative director for EA and Naughty Dog in the past. The main highlight of Hennig’s career, which has been around since the late 1980s, is probably the series Uncharted: the first three chapters were born under his aegis. But he also worked on the Legacy of Kain saga, and one of his very first works, the helicopter shooter Desert Strike for Mega Drive (later also arrived on SNES and Amiga) occupies a special place in our hearts.

Before leaving EA, Hennig was working on a game set in the Star Wars universe; It is not clear whether this project will be resumed with today’s announcement or whether it is a new one. What is certain is that, as often happens, LucasFilm herself will help with the development. Among other things, this is the second major project announced by Skydance New Media: the first dates back to a few months ago, and was set in the Marvel universe – also, as we know, owned by Disney. While we’re at it, let’s recap the main Star Wars games in the pipeline at present (remembering that Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has just been released):

  • New Star Wars Jedi sequel, in development at Respawn.
  • An unspecified FPS still at Respawn.
  • A strategic yet unnamed Bit Reactor.
  • Star Wars: Eclipse, developed by Quantic Dream.
  • Remake of KOTOR developed by Aspyr.
  • Star Wars: Hunters, only for mobile and Switch. It will be a third-person action, developed by Zynga.
  • Open world with a lot of storyline at Ubisoft / Massive Entertainment.

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