Squid Game 2, the creator confirms the return of two characters

The cruel game of slaughter in the center of Squid Game teaches us: if a show is successful and moves a lot of money, then it will repeat itself. The result of the incredible and unexpected success of the Netflix series could therefore only be the confirmation of a second season, and even it seems that negotiations for a third have already begun.

Last week, the creator of the series, Hwang Dong-hyuk, in addition to having unveiled a new project based on a work of Umberto Eco, revealed the first information on Squid Game 2, anticipating that the episodes should be available by the end of. 2024. In short, not exactly around the corner: after all, the incredible phenomenon linked to his work had not been budgeted for, and therefore – despite a deliberately open ending – there were originally no concrete and already defined plans for a second season.


And now Hwang Dong-hyuk is back on the subject by revealing a few more details about Squid Game 2. Nothing surprising, but it is still significant information considering that it comes from an official source. And so we know they will come back 456 player Seong Gi-hunor the protagonist played by Lee Jung-jaal center of the first season, and also theFront ManHwang In-hounder whose black mask hides the actor Lee Byung-hun.

On the other handthe success formula of the series hides a great pitfall at the narrative level: based on a continuous sequence of kills, the majority of the characters that are presented to the spectators, and which they become attached to, must then be sacrificed to the cruel cogs of the plot. The balance to manage is delicate because it is necessary to build many disposable characters, even with a certain volume (and not just corpses in the background), and from one season to another the cast changes radically, removing one of the winning cards of the series. – or rather the familiarity between the public and the stories of characters for dozens and dozens of episodes and seasons.

The operation is then particularly complicated because in order to keep the tension high, all the characters need to actually seem vulnerable: in a context like Squid Game you can’t save too many protagonists, otherwise you risk the effect “plot-armor“, what the viewer is reassured about knowing that the main characters will not die because they cannot, since the show must go on.


Hwang Dong-hyuk then also spent a few words on the themes of the second season of Squid Game: they will be the ones to carry on the legacy of the original, creating that strong connection that the distortion of the faces (except for the two pins already confirmed) does not allow.

For this project and for future ones it is impossible not to consider the political polarization, cultural differences and difficulties, as well as the environmental climate changes that are taking place. I feel compelled to observe, criticize and continue to deal with these topics in my next works.

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